What happened to you?

Today’s goal

Think less about food and concentrate on work. I tried I really did.Today, I put on a pretty dress, it flaunts my body and I feel confident in it.

People’s reaction can hurt

I usually never go down to the cafeteria to grab a coffee but needing a break from my desk I did. The cashier lady asked me in a tone of shock : “What happened to you?” I, in shock too, did not know what to say.

I am 1 52 cm , 48.5 kg in the healthy BMI of 21 for a 25 years old female. I AM MEDICALLY HEALTHY.

Why is it that when we have excess fat on our bones, no one worries. When we lose the weight, feeling confident and proud. Their first reaction is to ask if I was sick. Not only will I not tell you if I was sick ! I don’t even know you. In response, I just kept quiet. She could read the horror on my face.

Calling me sick at the cafeteria asking me to share “what happened to me” there and then in the 5 mins I order coffee and walk away. I have nothing to say. I shouldn’t have to. So I didn’t. But I am annoyed. So very annoyed and a little hurt too.

Seeing the shock on my face, the lady apologised for her question. I just said it was fine and left. Truth is I was mad, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. To ask her that there is an appropriate way of asking someone this. Not just that “lady mind your own business”


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