Birdie wants to fly

In confession to my therapist yesterday evening. I shared that all the qualifications that people around me have labelled me with have been destructive . I feel like a bird captures in a paper box, not even in a nice cage. I am tired of feeling this way. Sick of conforming to what others perception of me. I get lost in all their labelling and it stops me from really figuring out where I stand. I know there will be no clear answer, people are shaped by circumstances. But I also know that unless I shed some light and know me more that people allude they know me I will not be prepare to face life’s little challenges.

My therapist told me it was time to break free from the paper box. From the labelling. How do I that? My understanding is through little steps. Trusting my decisions, believing that I am a person of value, that I have achieved and can continue to achieve and stop stop stop burdening myself to fit into who others think I am.




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