A “good” morning

13 59 p.m

This might be my first ever all around positive post. I will not edit what I am writing because I want to be able to read my “raw” words later.

This morning is one of the few good ones. I went to the gym, had a snack before I went. Something I never do so early in the morning (6 30 am) because I like to eat at my desk. Eating at my desk so my colleagues are aware that I eat. Caring about other people’s thoughts again.

Anyway, I had a boost of energy at the gym, I lifted 60 kg on my own. My personal trainer and I were so filled with positiveness and motivation. Then I made my way to work. Read a verse in the bible as I am trying to communicate with God. After a conversation with my mother that I needed to call upon him through this phase. Truth is since therapy. I have been cold with my faith. But I am going to try and read a little bit more of the bible.

Work has been great the past two days. One of my female colleagues with whom I cannot seem to connect has been absent. The new intern is here. I have been friendly with him. Naturally friendly, not forcing myself to be somebody else and not expecting anything of this new friendship or whatever. Just going with the flow.

Today I went to lunch with a group of interns. I wanted to. I was not forcing myself. I laughed, made jokes, met new people and was comfortable eating my homemade pasta.

I actually felt full at the end of lunch. Now it is the afternoon. If I get this task done I will be so pleased. This was a good morning. I am not expecting anything for this afternoon or evening. I will just follow the waves of my life for the day.


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