Lost in the illusion of being alright

I have been lying to myself. Taking unnecessary medicines. Hallucinating on an illness that is far from being physical. A call for attention. A self imposed challenge out of desperation. Most times I wonder why I hurt. Whether I have the right to feel sad. To complain.

Still struggling with the ability to find the balance between an intellectual and emotional intelligence. Feeling as if I have lost all competence of rationalising. Blinded by created and unreal happiness. I have forged relationships. Ones based on friendship or so they say. One deviating towards a cocktail of sentiments.

Lost in waves of feel good motions and regrets. Knowingly aware of irresponsible decisions. Still making them.Paranoid by their possible repercussions. Before God and family. Wondering whether I should be selfish for once and put myself first. Assert my wants and needs.

A few months ago. While working amongst lawyers and judges another world to which I belong. I wanted an escape from my perfectionist and controlling self. Thinking of a venture filled and dominated by mistakes. Of accountability and repercussions. A sabbatical year fits with my objectives. I would create a time filled with freedom and responsibilities. Learning to juggle and prioritise on my own if none else would teach.

I wanted to make mistakes. To shake up the status quo. Live a little. They say negativity, loss of control and mistakes are challenges a lifetime must meet. Endure. Let go and learn from. In tune. I moved back home. Where I feel secure. Now I feel exposed. Judged. Creating a life of judgment.

Terrified of what might and could happen. As I am conscious of the different turn my life has taken. I wonder how far I can go. I am willing to go. Whether I want to leave my lawyerly life and embrace home and all the freedom it allows.

My instinct tell me it is only alright for a short while.

I decide to keep indulging until my hour is up.




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